Derek LeBlond

I have never been good with vanity paragraphs. I have a website now though, so I should say something about myself.

I currently live in Washington state so I can enjoy what both civilization and nature have to offer. I live here with my beautiful wife and 2 furry kids. We enjoy good food, good friends, board games, and travel together.

My hobbies are coding, music, movies, beer, poker, role playing, and miniatures, in no particular order. I probably have more hobbies than that too. At the root of it is a desire to learn new things, often.

I began my work history on a tobacco farm at 14. Since then, I have meandered my way to Sr. Product Manager at Amazon. I went past things like a donut finisher, movie projectionist, mortgage loan service, DJ, and writer. My eclectic work history has given me a diverse palette for problem solving. I use the experience to bring order to chaos, then drive efficiency and reduce waste through continuous improvement mechanisms. I use my creativity to provide vision for the course ahead. And I use the wisdom I earn from mistakes to provide guidance and leadership.

But that is enough about me. Here are links to my various Internet selves and hobbies. I also use this site to store recipes, for private use. Contact me for more info.